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Our Story

Founded in 2017, Marie Peedin and Amie Fulcher  created F and P  Trailers, LLC.   This journey started in 2006 when Marie found herself on the courthouse steps buying, a property she owned with another partner, out of foreclosure.  It took years to recover but from that experience she knew she could make it.  Years later while caring for their mother Marie, who is an engineer by trade, decided to update an existing  bathroom in their mother's home.  This experience was just another sign it was time to start get serious about real estate. In 2017 after their mothers recent death Amie and Marie were provided an opportunity to purchase a piece of  land with several dilapidated mobile homes and from that F and P Trailers was created.  They made needed repairs and provided housing to low and very low income families.  Another opportunity arose while Marie was living on 12th street. The neighboring house, a 1940's home in an opportunity zone, became available..  This home they renovated and held for rental property providing a single mother with a place to live. Once they started other opportunities came about and the ladies decide to start doing business as F and P Properties since this movement was more that just trailers.  Now 6 years later Marie is a licensed General Contractor and Amie is a Real Estate Broker. They plan to continue providing affordable and sustainable living spaces in eastern NC because this is their home.

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